Independence Day
June 21, 2016 — 12:36

Technically this is not a public affair unless you are going to your town or city’s firework display, I’m not, I’m going to talk about my family get together for the holiday. I know that it is probably considered more a public event but I think there are more smaller family parties going on then big major ones. My parents live on a lake and every year they have a party at their house for the 4th. My brother organizes a golf outing that starts in the morning for those that love golf, then the party starts around three in the afternoon and goes well passed dark because that’s when the lake association starts the fireworks.

I do not attend the golf outing for two reasons; one, I do not like golf and two, I help my mom set up for the party. My dad and brother go golfing so my mom, sister in law and I stay behind and set up for the party. I have two nieces that love to play in the water so we take turns watching them while the others get the food, tables, chairs and everything ready. It turns out to be quite an event, we have about forty people come each year. Friends mostly and some family that have not made other plans. We try to get people to bring a dish, which makes it easier but we supply all the beverages unless people bring the own beer or something. There is always so much food.

When everyone gets back from golfing my dad starts the boat rides. We have to stock up on gas because the kids always want to tube. We have two tubes but no one really likes this purple one we have, it is pretty flat and you have to have enough courage to hang on, which in most circumstances isn’t a big deal but all the kids are young, so they get scared pretty easy. The other tube is yellow and has a deep pocket in the middle, the kids prefer this one because they can sit inside of it without the fear of falling off like they get from the purple one. So my dad takes turns taking the adult out on a cruise and then taking the kids out tubing.

After dinner we build a bonfire and start with the small fireworks that we buy at the store, like sparklers for the kids, and my brother buys some bigger ones to shoot off for us. He sets up some concrete blocks on the dock and shoots them off into the night over the lake, it’s pretty cool. Everyone who has a house on the lake buys flares from the association and when it gets dark we light them up and the lake is one big red circle. The association also gets a huge barge and shoots off the professional fireworks from the middle of the lake, we are so close it’s almost like they are right over our heads.

All in all it’s a pretty awesome day. I hope you all enjoy your 4th!


Comic Con
May 17, 2016 — 10:50

Now this has got to be one of the most fun experiences that someone like me can experience. I am a dork, a geek, a nerd and I am completely OK with this. This is the one event that you can go to and see all of your favorite characters from all your favorite movies and TV shows. There are all in one place. How can it get any better? It can’t. Now, maybe the particular character/actor will not be there but some character there from your favorite movie/TV show will be there to represent. That’s just as good. As long as I get to see some form of my show/movie, I’m good.

This year they had one of those picture booths set up that you could get your picture taken with the celebrities!  I thought it was a pretty clever idea for them to rent a photo booth instead of just offering the standard photographs that they normally do.

I am like a kid in a candy store when I go Comic Con, I try to go every year because I know that the one time I don’t go my favorite character will actually show up and I will miss them. My husband is a very good sport. He is not into these things like I am but he will go with me. He is probably thinking that if he doesn’t come with me I might not come home. That I might just try to hitch a ride back with one of the actors to some place, and it probably wouldn’t matter what that place is to me. So he goes. And I love him for it. I can not contain my happiness at the Comic Con. My senses and emotions go into overdrive here. I run from place to place thinking that if I don’t get to that particular character soon, they will be gone. It doesn’t matter how long the line is because once I get in line then the actor can’t leave. This is how irrational I become at these things. Which is probably another reason why my husband comes with me.

I however, do not dress up at these things, I just wear my normal clothes. I do not dress up for a couple reasons one being that my husband is with me and I would totally embarrass him if dressed up, not that he wouldn’t let me, he would but I know that he secretly deep down does not want me to, so I don’t for that reason. Also, I would not be able to choose who to dress up as. That is more the reason why I don’t than if I did I would embarrass my husband. I would literally feel bad for dressing up as one character while I was talking and taking pictures with a different character. I know that this probably happens a lot and the actors don’t care at all but I would just feel like I was betraying them when I was dressed up as another character. So I don’t. I just go in my normal clothes and everyone is happy. Especially me.

Thanks for listening! Until next time…



Eastern Market
April 24, 2016 — 14:45

eastern market

It’s that time again! Time for the Eastern Market, whether you want flowers, fresh vegetables or fruit, meat or many assorted knickknacks for your garden, the Eastern Market is the place to go! They have so many vendors that give you such a variety of goods it’s amazing. I try to get down there at least one in the spring when they first open and get some plants for my garden and to see what kind of vegetables and fruits they have. Its gets really overwhelming because I want to buy everything and sometimes I do go a little overboard so I usually vow to spend the cash that I bring with me and to never go across the street to the ATM to take out more cash. I’m going to say that that works nine out of ten times. There is always that one time where I just have to have something after I have spent all my money. But hey, at the moment it seems like a good idea and when I get home and put that said something in the spot I pictured then I realize it was a great idea.

I have found that going in the morning is much better than going in the afternoon. In the afternoon you do get better deals because the vendors try to get rid of the stuff that hasn’t sold by then, not that the stuff is bad because it’s not bad, it’s just that most vendors stay until all their product is gone. I prefer mornings because you get to the first picks, in the afternoon you can only pick from what they have left. However in the morning you get to pick from everything that they have brought. You can always try to make a deal and sometimes the vendors will but I’m usually just happy with being able to pick from what the vendors chose to bring.

It is way more crowded in the morning since most people like to go first thing then go plant all their wonderful flowers in the afternoon. I like that idea as well to go and buy everything first thing than go home and play with all my new things but I also love to eat at the Eastern Market Restaurant. They have the most delicious food, and they should since they get all their product right from the eastern market. It is so fresh and they give you so much of it. I literally crave their sausage, it is the best that I have ever had, and just thinking about it right now is making my mouth water. You do though end up burping them up through out the day, that never bothers me and this is going to be gross but it doesn’t bother me because it’s still delicious on it’s up too! Sorry.

I did once go there on flower day and I seriously don’t recommend that. It was so insanely busy. I felt claustrophobic. It took forever to find a parking spot, we ended up so far down from the market that I wished I would have brought a wagon or something to carry our stuff in so we kept having to make trips back to the car. It was so annoying. We didn’t even get to eat at the restaurant because the wait was so long. There was just too many people for me, so we spent only a hour or two there which is want we normally spend but since most of that time was just waiting to move forward in line and walking back and forth from the car, we didn’t get to have the great experience that we usually do. So with all that said we ended up going back the following weekend and had a much better time. We got to actually enjoy ourselves that time. If you guys have never been there I highly recommend it, just not on flower day!

Thanks for reading,



Art Fairs
April 7, 2016 — 9:00

So my cousin, I guess you can call him a metal smith. He is an artist and he works with metal more often that not but he works with all materials. It’s really cool to see him get passionate about something because up until now his biggest accomplishment was being a carpet cleaner in West Bloomfield.  He is actually making two sets of nesting stools for me and my husband. We live in a very small home and there is not much space for extra things, which is just how we like it. We have an island in our kitchen and usually it’s just him and me so two stools is enough but sometimes we have friends over so we will need more stools. So that’s where the nesting stools come into play. A nesting stool is where you have one stool inside of another. It looks just like one stool but you can pull another stool out of it and then you have two. It’s pretty amazing. So my cousin is working on that for us.

Besides making funky stuff for his family, he has sold pieces at conventions and art fairs. He lives in another state now because he teaches at an art school. However, before he moved, he would pay for a booth at every art fair that came into town. When he decided to go to his first fair and showcase his art work, I went also with a friend of mine. Not to help him with the selling or anything like that, we went as customers, we both planned on buying something from him to support him. And to check out all the other artist that were there.  We finally found him down a side street, he was sharing a booth with another artist that he knew, and we starting looking around at his stuff and it was pretty amazing. He is really talented. We didn;t end up buying anything because he was way to expensive for us. I did’t realize how much he was going to charge for his stuff. I felt awful. His smallest piece was a ring and it was like $50. Not that I’m a cheapskate or anything but I’m not rich either and no way was I going to pay that much for a ring. Sorry cus.

He wasn’t upset with us in the least. He had many customers that day. He was just happy that we came out to see him. If I can remember correctly he only had a few pieces left when the weekend was over. I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought I could afford a true piece of art. The time, energy and cost that goes into making each piece of art is mind boggling to a person that is not an artist. The artist works day in and day out to bring the images in his mind out to the visual and it’s beautiful. I can understand now why art is so expensive. I just wish I could afford to support my cousin in more ways than just voicing my support. I am just thankful that he is just beyond talented that he doesn’t have to rely on only family to support him. His talent supports him. He is going to be very famous one day. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Food, music and art
April 1, 2016 — 23:42

To continue from my previous blog, festivals are where its at! Whether you going to one for the food, rides, games, music, art or just for the alcohol, you’re going to have a good time! There are so many reasons to have a festival that I believe that they will never go away. My favorite festival are the ones with the rides. I can never get enough of those rides. I always pay that higher fee to get that bracelet that gives you unlimited rides. It’s totally worth it. I save all my time for the lines to get on the ride. I don’t drink or eat at this festivals and I try not to play the games because the prizes are total junk. However, they are the few games that have that one prize I can’t live without until I get home and think in my head “why the hell did I waste money in this?”

Who doesn’t love the bumper cars? I mean, come on, you get to drive a little car around and crash into people. What could be better? Unless you get stuck in a corner and can’t get out and people keep hitting you from behind, but even then though, its still fun. Have you been on the Gravitron? This one is the best, you’re in a circular room with pads on the floor and walls that resemble a wrestling mat. You are standing up with your back up against the wall, then the room starts to spin. It spins around so fast that you get pushed up against the wall from the G Force and you are literally stuck on the wall. You can move around on the wall and turn sideways or be upside down, oh gees, then the room slows gradually and you slowly fall back to the ground. Then you puke.

You get a different feel for festivals when you go at night compared to when you go during the day. It’s a different atmosphere with all the lights from the rides, you can almost feel the energy coming from them! It almost heightens your experience going when it’s dark, its like a whole other planet. That could be the reason that I fall for the games and try to win those cheap prizes that I instantly regret as soon as I get in the car and throw away as soon as I get home. But whatever, I have the time of my life at these things and I would go to them every weekend. My husband likes them but the rides make him queasy but since I am his most favorite person in the world he takes one for the team and goes on as many rides with me as I want… he’s the best!  There is one downside to a festival and that has to be the lack of a toilet!  I hate portajohns with a passion, they get so disgusting especially when they have been baking in a hot sun for days on end.  Sorry to end on a bad note but I had to get that out.


Off topic alert :)
March 25, 2016 — 10:11

So this is exciting! My husband and I just bought a new house, thank you, thank you! It’s a cute little house with a huge yard, I believe “people” say that it’s two lots, whatever that means. How do you measure a lot anyways? I don’t know. I just know that the yard is big. But that’s not the best part.  The best part is that it’s empty! Empty, you say? Yes! Empty of all plant life! No flower beds, no bushes, no decorative patches of any form of landscaping at all! Which means that it’s a blank slate, for me to do with it whatever I feel like doing with it!

For some people that would be overwhelming, not to have anything to embark on this giant task with. For me, it’s my lucky day! Not having someone else’s idea already laid out for me, to be able to create my own paradise is ideal for me. This is what I live for, plants, trees, shrubs, flowers! I love them all. Each one is so unique in their own right. Each brings its own oomph to my garden. Not to mention bugs as well, that’s my least favorite part but I deal with it because without bugs there would be no plants. So bring on the bugs!

I usually don’t go for the same flowers, plants, shrubs, or trees. I like everything to be different. I buy one of everything. However if I really like something, I’ll but two but no more than that. I like having an unconventional garden. A garden that will not look like anyone elses. All colors, all textures and most importantly, all smells. Variety, variety, variety. That is how I design my garden. That can cause some problems though, sometimes there is just too many choices to make. For that issue I consult with the professionals. Landscapers. Which typically makes me that “problem” customer because what is pleasing to the eye is symmetry. That’s not me. So we have to work together with some give and take. They need to understand that I don’t want my backyard to look like anyone else’s. I need to understand that sometimes two of the same plant looks better. Whatever!

Lawn care in Waterford I have found to have the best companies. They are more willing to work with me, which is not to say that other cities are terrible, they’re not. i just feel that for me, this is the best. I get that “look” no matter where I go. That’s fine. I’m ok with that. This is my garden, my paradise. I live in it. No one else. (except my husband) He knows that this is a passion for me, so he leaves the garden to me. Like I leave the garage to him. So, once I get my plan set and everything bought, my backyard remains empty. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


March 22, 2016 — 16:16

When you’re not a drinker what do you do weekend nights for fun? My husband and I don’t drink. We used to go to a bars but when you don’t drink being around all those that are drinking gets old pretty fast. There’s always bowling, which is fun but again bowling alleys have bars with people drinking. Bowling is more enjoyable to us because we can just concentrate on that and not the other people around. Not that we hate people who drink, don’t get me wrong here. We used to drink , a lot, we just choose not to now. And if I’m being honest here I do hate being around a bunch of drunk people, gets old pretty quick. So what to do on the weekend. We go to the movies and out to dinner but that takes away from we have date night. We go to the zoo and museums and such. Sometimes though we want to just be outside and have a good time but there’s limits on what is out there.

It seems festival are where we find ourselves when one comes along that interests us. Music festivals are a ton of fun but it’s rare that we find one that we both can enjoy. We both love music but not always love the bands that come together at the same time. However, we do go and have a good time. I know, I know, alcohol is served at music festivals, but there’s music to pay attention to and we can dismiss the drinkers and not worry about them. So I guess festivals is what we like. And not just music festivals. Other festivals as well, like small town festivals with all the rides! Now those are our favorite!

The food at those festivals wreaks havoc on your body but it’s so worth for the rides. Except the Ferris wheel. I will not go on the Ferris wheel. This comes from my childhood when my brother and I were in one together. By brother I mean my older brother who lived to torture me. This Ferris wheel that we were on spun in circles. There was a steering wheel inside and you could turn it and spin around. So my brother had the best time with that wheel, I was terrified that we were going to unscrew from the top and plummet to our death. This fear of mine just made it all the more fun for him. As an adult I know now that would never happen, but still will not step foot in another Ferris wheel. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that’s where my fear of heights come from too.


I wish that there were festivals like this every weekend. We would go and support any local town we live in if they had a festival. With all the games, that are more than likely rigged, and the prizes that you just have to have until you get home and realize that you don’t need anymore junk in your house. With the food by itself making you want to puke, to all the shenanigans that go on, we would still go. Festivals are like nothing else. I truly hope that they never go out of style! More to come…..